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Special America's BBQ is a U.S.D.A. inspected meat processing plant specializing in the manufacture of pork sausages. These products have been carefully customized and adapted to satisfy the taste and needs of the Latin culture in the United States. The Hispanic/Latin market has grown significantly during the past years increasing the demand for our products not only at the local level, but also nationally. We have long recognized the importance of manufacturing a product in which the consumers could have the highest confidence.

We strongly support our HACCP plan, and Sanitary Safety Operating Procedures, and have taken a number of important steps to effectively address food safety issues. The plant has in-house HACCP certified personnel. Quality and service are the keystone of Special America's BBQ's operating philosophy. Customer loyalty has demonstrated that we have been consistent with this philosophy. Our customer portfolio has increased due to word of mouth recommendations.

Our pork sausages are a standardized product that have been adapted to satisfy the different cultures in our marketing areas. The company currently owns eight trademarks, Mr. Tango® brand being the most popular and recognized in the market.

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